Why Organization is SO Important

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

We are living in weird, uncertain times right now and organization is more important than ever!

Even though we are no longer under self-quarantine, we are still spending much more time in our own homes than we are used to. It's important to have systems in place to keep your home and your schedule organized.

I'm sure that the growing pile of laundry, the home project you've been putting off and the disorganized cupboard, with things falling out every time you open the door, are all driving you nuts by now. It can't be just me feeling this way! And I consider myself to be a pretty dang organized person, at least in most respects. So I can only imagine there are people out there who don't have the tools, training and experience I do, who are swimming in a sea of stress from the clutter on their minds.

You see, when we have visual clutter, it creates mental clutter, even if you don't notice it's there. When the clutter is gone, you will actually feel the difference in your mind, body and spirit. You feel like a weight has been lifted, you become more focused on the important things like your family or your meaningful work and you will feel less distracted. Clutter is like a constant reminder that you failed at keeping your life together. But, that's not the truth at all!!

Everyone has clutter that builds up...unless you are blessed to pay someone to follow you around and do all the things you don't have time for. There are many reasons why things get cluttered and most of the reasons are not your fault. As a parent, we don't really teach our kids how to sort, purge, contain, systemize and organize their toys properly (unless you're a professional organizer or huge organizing enthusiast). So chances are, no one ever truly showed you how to organize with a system.

A system for organizing will keep everything going back to the place it belongs. As we are spending more time in our homes, with no end in sight, we need to have a clutter free work/play space. With many adults working from home and children doing most, if not all of their school work online, there needs to be some serious harmony going on.

I feel like the harmony in the home is always important, though. It is essential to be at peace in the space. Did you know, worrying your home isn’t clean or organized enough is the 5th most common stress trigger for Americans? 47% say this caused stress within the past month. (Huffington Post survey) and 80% of our medical expenses are related to stress, which clutter contributes to. (The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention study) These numbers will tell you that there truly is a cause and effect going on here. The stress, anxiety and depression we feel, caused by a disorganized space, is real!

So how do we make the changes necessary to keep an organized home? Do some research, call a professional or enlist in some friends who have a knack for decluttering. Figure out what your organizing style is and what works for you AND the other members of the household. (There are 4 main organizational types, which I will go over in another post.) Do you like things open or contained? Visual or hidden? In children's spaces, cater to their organizing style.

This is not a one time thing, where you get organized and it magically stays that way. It is something you have to constantly be working at. Encourage household members to pick up after themselves, even the toddler, and put everything back in its place as soon as possible. Schedule organizing sessions into your weekly routine to pick up the pieces that haven't gone back into place and to work on structuring an area that needs more attention. An organizing subscription with a pro organizer or clutter coach really helps here for busy professionals! Or you can schedule some DIY organizing sessions if you're on a budget. The pro will oversee the whole project, provide feedback and encouragement as well as a spacial plan and product list, without actually being in the space so you get the services at a reduced rate.

Whether you're hiring a professional organizer or doing it yourself, getting organized is one of the most rewarding things you can do for your household. It will bring peace, joy and comfort knowing everything has a home. You can do this!! You will see the rewards of all your efforts in the end, I promise!! (Now you just have to be consistent with the upkeep, which is so much easier when the hard part is done.)

Happy Organizing




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