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Updated: Oct 14, 2020

Hello and Welcome to my new, rebranded website + journal!

The Nitpicky Home, formerly The Nitpicky Cleaner, is a luxury home lifestyle company focusing on cleaning, organizing and design in the Milwaukee + Southeastern Wisconsin Area.

When I first started my business, I never dreamt of adding services to our cleaning menu let alone having an employee to head that department so I could focus on organizing and design. But, here we are now, with a growing business and my absolutely amazing employee, Liseth Saavedra, running the cleaning department while I lead organizing and design.

Let's Talk About How I Got Here

I have always loved helping people and making people happy. I thrive off that bliss of knowing you just made someone's day. I was that kid begging my mom to donate money anytime there was a commercial on tv showing starving children or animals needing rescuing. I would save my allowance or babysitting money to donate it, especially around Christmas when the Salvation Army is out ringing bells.

I have always worked in a position where I am helping and serving others. Right out of high school, I started an apprenticeship for cosmetology + barbering while working at a high end salon in Delafield, WI. My goal was to become an instructor one day, and I reached that goal at the ripe old age of 23. Making me the youngest instructor the Aveda Institute of Beauty and Wellness has ever hired.

After working as a cosmetology instructor for 4 years, my then boyfriend and I decided we were ready to get married and start a family right away. With the three 10-12 hour days instructing plus two 6 hour shift working inventory, I knew this schedule wasn't conducive to my plans.

It was time to change things up a bit, so I started nannying + cleaning (and A LOT of tidying) since I wanted to be in a position where I could spend as much time with my baby as possible. I married the love of my life in 2014 and we had we our son in 2015, I continued to do a mix of nannying, cleaning and organizing (without the label of professional organizer label but it's what I was). Then I had my daughter in 2017 and started nannying from my own home, still cleaning and organizing on the side.

It was a good fit for the time and once my daughter was old enough for me to feel comfortable sending her to the nanny's house, I decided it was time to start my own cleaning business. I started The Nitpicky Cleaner in 2018 and left nannying behind.

Through Chaos comes Clarity

The one good thing that came out of this pandemic, was it gave me a chance to take a step back and restructure my business, allowing me to grow in ways I didn't see possible. Now, I've wrapped up my love for making people smile with my obsession for design + organizing and my OCD tendencies and put them to good use.

I never thought I would be making a living, doing something I've always dreamt of. When I was in high school, I took one of those career assessments and the results said: Interior Designer. I was told Milwaukee didn't have a market for interior design trades. So I thought anything that involves design was only lucrative for someone living in a larger city like Chicago or New York.

Growing in New Directions

I gradually started adding these services, that I love doing so much, into my normal routines. I would surprise clients by reorganizing a drawer or cabinet and offer my organizing services to them. Then while spacial planning for organizing projects, I would incorporate design elements such as decor, upholstery and furniture. When I was doing a lot of designing while working on whole room or whole house projects, I realized I should add that as it's own entity to my list of services.

So that's how we grew from a natural cleaning company to a luxury home lifestyle company providing services to our clients to make their homes beautiful.

Thanks to all of our clients for your support through these last few months, during this transition and always believing in me!


Angie xoxo

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